The UTP 9050 series is a universal tester platform for combined LED, display and vision tests. It unites a flexible camera system and a comprehensive software solution as well as easily configurable user interfaces and meets all demands towards the visual testing of LEDs and displays. Because of its modular and universal concept, it is a future-proof investment in testing equipment that can be expanded if this is required.

The UTP 9050 is suitable for measuring the colour and the accuracy of LEDs. The system can be calibrated with the help of reference samples. After calibration, it is able to test LEDs with high precision. One or more cameras provide the graphical material that is the basis for the test cycle.

In combination with the Display Test Toolkit the UTP9050 is also able to analyse and test displays regarding colour temperature und homogeneity.

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Default Configuration of the UTP 9050

  • High-resolution camera by Allied Vision Technologies
  • UTP rack with standard equipment: UTP signal distribution module with modular layout and UTP IPC Kontron (Raid 1)
  • UTP NI PXI measurement rack including DMM, switch, MUX, FG, ICT module and PWR
  • UTP main switching unit including emergency shutdown, power supply (with filter and pneumatic connector), network interface, mounting plate with 240V-distribution
  • UTP transfer interface with standard contact unit
  • Interfaces for controlling the DUTs: CAN, LIN and others
  • Measuring LED luminance with low tolerance
  • Measuring LED wavelengths with high precision
  • Typically, up to 150 LEDs can be tested simultaneously, optionally more LEDs can be tested
  • Testing of displays: Illumination, colour temperature, contrast, icon and pattern recognition, OCR test
  • Optional: integration of further image processing tools, UPS, maintenance unit

It is possible to integrate DMMs, oscilloscopes, signal generators, AC/DC power supplies, switching modules, power meters, spectrum analyzers or RF signal generators into the tester system.


The UTP 9050 allows separate or parallel testing of assembly groups with the following testing facilities:

  • LED tests including luminance and wavelength tests
  • Analysis of TFT and LC displays
  • Testing of assembly groups as a single circuit board or integrated in the final product
  • Functional testing including communication tests (CAN, LIN)
  • High voltage tests
  • Dielectric tests


The UTP 9050 is a flexible, universal and future-proof tester system for combined LED, display and vision tests, allowing precise luminance and wavelength measurements for LEDs.

It comprises numerous applications for functional display testing and it is able to communicate with the connected devices under test via various different interfaces. The extensive basic version of the UTP9050 can be expanded and adapted modularly according to the individual customized requirements.