Our Universal Tester Platform (UTP) offers the right test solution for every industry

 Standardized and yet individually tailored to your needs

Thanks to our modular concept, it can be adapted to almost all industrial sectors.

In close cooperation with our customers and with the help of a large network of key partners, we design and manufacture intelligent and reliable test solutions – from test systems for development and validation, to production testers and mobile test stations.


The automotive industry is one of the core areas for NOFFZ Technologies. This industry is characterized by ever-faster time-to-market requirements and rapid technological progress. What is a very attractive feature for the end users can be a big challenge for developers. With our individual and highly innovative test and measurement systems, we make a significant contribution to improving efficiency and quality in the development and production of our customers.

In addition to other application areas, our UTP tester platform is used in the automotive industry for the testing RF modules: i.e. “eCall” modules, connected gateways, infotainment and navigation systems, radar as well as many more.


The demands on the household industry and household appliances are also on the rise. Shorter product life cycles ensure correspondingly shorter development times along with increasing technical complexity. Household appliances are above all more efficient and quieter. The Internet of Things (IoT) also plays an essential role in this area. Home automation with meter modules, corresponding gateways for the recording and control of the power consumption, as well as wireless switching solutions in the house are application areas for our test solutions. In order to keep pace with these rapid developments, we are continually developing ourselves and our solutions.


In the telecommunications industry, we support our customers in all process stages, from product validation to NPI (New Product Introduction) and industrialization in mass production. Here too, it is important to develop integrated test platforms, especially in the RF field, using signaling & non-signaling tests in order to cope with the high production volume and cost pressure. With the merger of various radio technologies such as 4G, 5G as well as GNSS, WLAN, Bluetooth, NFC and the integration of many interfaces, the demands on today’s tester solutions are steadily increasing. Through our scalable, flexible systems, we can always find an answer for your requirements and products. Contact us to create test platforms for your telephones, smartwatches, gateways, receivers, compensor, antenna modules and much more.

Industrial Electronics

A new era has begun for industrial electronics with the introduction of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Industry 4.0, means that all the machines in a manufacturing facility can fully communicate with one another. But how can this communication be ensured? Challenges we take on and to which we have already found suitable solutions.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is becoming increasingly intelligent and is supported by a large number of sensors as well as measurement technology components in preventive maintenance as well as the optimization of process sequences. No matter whether it is tough industrial environments, state-of-the-art production machines or chained systems, we will assume responsibility over management and measurement technology. We like to see ourselves as general contractors or bring in partial components into your machines. Ask about our automation solutions or embedded solutions as well as mechatronic units and special machine construction.

Medical & Beauty

The success of the treatment, if not human life, often depends on the use of medical devices. The requirements of the manufacturers of such medical technology devices are particularly high and make reliable results absolutely necessary. Our experienced engineers develop complex measurement and testing solutions that ensure the quality of medical technology systems.

Manufacturers from the wellness and beauty industry also rely on our many years of experience. We develop apparative -based cosmetic products and as a contract manufacturer, produce applications for “EMS” (electrical muscle stimulation) or “microdermabrasion” – also in series.


New technologies increase the demands on the semiconductor industry in all industrial areas. With the rapid expansion of interfaces, buses, channel counts and signal speeds, it is important to find the right setup and tester platform to address the higher mixed signal complexity of today products.

With our extensive experience in software and hardware development, including load board development and overall system integration, we will find the right approach for you: From tailored validation test frameworks and compliance test libraries to solutions for mass production.