SCU 2012 (2HU) & SCU 2014 (4HU)

The NOFFZ SCU (signal conditioning unit) is a signal conditioning instrument and is used from validation to production for burn-in, screening or end of line (EOL) tests.

We currently offer two product variants: SCU 2012 (2HU) and SCU 2014 (4HU). Both variants offer excellent advantages, such as the possibility of multi-DUT testing or rapid interchangeability to reduce set-up and down times.

scu-2012 Vorschau - Noffz TEchnologies

SCU 2012 (2HU)

19″ 2HU

450 x 90 x 280 (WxHxD)

4 Slots

scu-2014-Vorschau - Noffz Technologies

SCU 2014 (4HU)

19″ 4HU

450 x 130 x 420 (WxHxD)

12 Slots