• Development of a new PXI-based Hardware-Standard Platform for testing of 24-channel high-end audio-amplifi er in automotive applications
  • Implementation of test procedures with Flextronics FTS and individual test steps in NI TestStand and NI LabVIEW
  • Basis of the new concept shall be the NOFFZ UTP 9010 Flextronics


  • Consideration of a comprehensive NOFFZ Load-, Audio-Switch-Concept (SCU)
  • Function test for single boards and comprehensive EOLfunction test of whole modules in one tester via exchangeable adapter principle
  • To include a DMM for measurement of bias current as well as determination of channels potential
  • Loads shall be simulated at all channels with the different impedances to simulate loudspeakers with various nominalimpedances
  • System shall be equipped with optical MOST25- and MOST150-Bus for comprehensive simulation of audio streams to the amplifier

Rack-setup UTP 9010 with audio loads in the top area and VPC G12


Hardware concept, based on PXI-components, complete
development and realization by NOFFZ.

Hardware components

  • NOFFZ IPC 3012, powerful 2HE IPC with Windows 7
  • NI MXI connection to NI PXI-1045 – PXI-chassis
  • NI PXI-2593 – 500 MHz dual 8×1 50 multiplexer for switching of the generated signals produced by the frequency generator
  • NI 6509 – 96 Bit digital-I/O-board for switching of the substitute loads and controlling of the supporting measurementhardware
  • NI 6514 – digital-I/O-board with 32 entries and 32 exits for adapter control
  • NI PXI-2576 – 64-channel multibank multiplexer for switching of the DMM on the different measurement points
  • NI PXI-5114 – 250 MS/s, 8-Bit digitizer/oscilloscope, 8MB/channel for recording and analysis of waveforms
  • NI PXI-4071 – digital multimeter for current- and potentialmeasurement Integrated Signal Load Units, as special high precise audio load
  • PXI 3060 – Göpel MOST-controller and SMSC MOST150 for generation and analysis of optical audio signals
  • Audio Precision APx525 audio analyzer for generation and analysis high-precision audio signals
  • Audio Precision AUX-0025 – Switching Amplifi er Measurement
  • Filter for switching of the 24 audio channels on the audio analyzer
  • Agilent 33210A 10MHz function/arbitrary waveform generator for generation of PWM-signals or microphone-simulations
  • Agilent DC power supplies for supply of the different DUTs
  • The software-development in NI TestStand and NI LabVIEW was done on basis of FTS2-standards in collaboration with Flextronics
UTP 9010 Flextronics von Noffz Technologies - Universal Tester Plattform

Internal wiring on the PXI core system