The 2 HE sUTP 4510 is a small, modular 6 Slot cPCI/PXI Chassis with additional space for project specific and custom add-ons. The chassis is widely used in all test applications from development to production.


  • 6 Slot Chassis for Field or Laboratory applications
  • Useable for CompactPCI Controller or Remote Control (NI PXI-MXI)
  • PCB Slot (Eurocard: 100x160mm) for customized applications
  • Mounting area for customized wiring and conditioning
  • Minimum space of 2HE required for Installation in standard 19” Racks
  • Integration into adapters for Mini FCT solutions possible
  • No space on the top- and bottom side needed (Rack Application),
  • landscape cooling (from left to right)

Technische Daten

 sUTP 4510 6 Slot PXI ChassissUTP 4510e 6 Slot PXIe Chassis
Housing (approx.)446 x 88 x 344 (W x H x D)446 x 88 x 344 (W x H x D)
Weight8 kg4.6 kg
cPCI Controller Slot11
PXI Slots5-
PXI hybrid Slots-2
PXIe Slots-3
Electrical AC Input
Input voltage range90 – 264 VAC90 – 264 VAC
Input frequency50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Input current rating1.4 A1.4 A
Over-current protection250 VAC, 5 AT250 VAC, 5 AT
Electrical DC Output
+3.3 V40 A40 A
+5 V40 A40 A
+12 V5.5 A5.5 A
-12 V2 A2 A
Operating Environment
Ambient temperature range0 – 50 °C0 – 50 °C
Relative humidity range20 – 80 %, noncondensing20 – 80 %, noncondensing
Common Specifications
ElectromagneticEN 61000-3
CE Compliance
Low-VoltageLow Voltage Directive No. 2014/35/EU
Electromagnetic CompatibilityEMC Directive No. 2004/108/EU
Ordering Information
sUTP 4510104778
sUTP 4510e


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