SCU 2012 (2HU)

  • Central control and supervision
  • Master/slave
  • Multi-DUT-capability
  • Relaiscounter – preventive maintenance
  • Quiscent-current-measurement
  • Fast replacement – small down times
  • Simple to extent and Relaiscounter ¬ preventive maintenance cascadable

Technische Daten

 SCU 2012
Mechanics19” 2HU
Housing (approx.)450 x 90 x 280 (W x H x D)
Slots4 slots
Modules (in excerpts)
customerspecial designed pcb for customer needs
SCP_C16056 x stimulation, loads, 5 x current measurement
SCP_LRN_1616 x individually configurable loads
SCP_Power_Relay_Switch4 x 1 A relays, 4 x 20 A relays
SCP_PRS_16xCO-5A16 x 10 A relays
SCP_C17037 x stimulation, loads, 3 x current measurement
SCP_C_PSW16x216 to 2 channel switch topology
SCP_N_MAT32x1_01A32 x 1 or 16 x 2 or 8 x 4 multiplexer topology (2-wire)
SCP_N_SRS3232 general purpose relays topology (SPDT)
...further configurations and topologies under construction


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