Specialized on a validation test environment, where multiple units are tested in parallel for long time periods enduring different environmental factors, but also for development or production scenarios, NOFFZ Technologies GmbH has created a turn-key solution for modern automotive units with high channel count and high technology bandwidth – the UTP 7033 RF Rack.

Core components of the test rack are the NOFFZ sUTP 5018 Base Station Emulator (with optional WLAN/BT/BTLE and V2X/C-V2X extensions) for parallel cellular signaling testing, the NOFFZ sUTP 5017 GNSS Simulator for positioning signal streaming and theUWT for high channel counts with included antenna diagnosis functionalities from Becker Nachrichtentechnik GmbH.

Application field

Modern automotive units already cover the newest technologies and standards all at once which need to be tested. Typical are two network access devices (DSDA) for cellular communication up to 5G new radio, at least one device for global positioning (GNSS including RTK), one or two V2X/C-V2X devices and multiple devices for connectivity and wireless network access (WLAN/BT/BTLE). The amount of different communication devices on a single automotive unit and the development of multi-antenna technologies (MIMO) increase the number of RF channels that derive from the devices to the automotive unit’s connectors. New physical connection interfaces like a quad-mini-FAKRA allow a high channel count occupying only small spaces resulting in overall RF interface numbers of currently up to sixteen per unit under test.

Key Facts

  • Highly accurate 2 axis DUT motion for target detection and recognition. Specific Design for vertical CATR (Compact Antenna Test Range) solutions

  • Clean anechoic environment and small DUT motion unit to allow stable and reproduceable measurement quality. Analysis and Report of the Anechoic Chamber environmental quality

  • Simple integration of NI VRTS Radar Target simulation with frequency range of 76 – 81 GHz and 4 GHz bandwidth to integrate single or multiple – angular deviating targets

  • State-of-the-Art Test System to provide best conditions in environmental quality, functionality, modularity, flexibility, accuracy and cost efficiency

  • Flexible and modular solutions for End of Line test including integration of run-in / screening solutions for environmental tests

  • Very compact vertical design with cost efficient, saving about 70% on space against horizontal solutions


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