Radar sensors are core elements to realize autonomous driving. The UTP 5065 radar test system from NOFFZ Technologies has a compact vertical design and contains everything needed to allow State-of-the-Art measurement and sensor calibration. The test bench setup and component selection are tuned to get best possible results for highly accurate and cost-efficient testing in production of automotive radar sensors.


Radar sensor production increased greatly in the last year, driven by improved driver assistance systems as well as autonomous driving developments. For that reason, high volume production and automation capabilities with short cycle time and floor space saving design are a key part of the UTP 5065. It is prepared for manual DUT input but as well for full automation setups based on multpile tester stacked side by side and DUT insertion done by robot or pick and place systems.


  •  Highly accurate 2 axis DUT motion for target detection and recognition. Specific Design for vertical CATR (Compact Antenna Test Range) solutions.
  • Clean anechoic environment and small DUT motion unit to allow stable and reproduceable measurement quality. Analysis and Report of the Anechoic Chamber environmental quality.
  • Simple integration of NI VRTS Radar Target simulation with frequency range of 76 – 81 GHz and 4 GHz bandwidth to integrate single or multiple – angular deviating targets
  • State-of-the-Art Test System to provide best conditions in environmental quality, functionality, modularity, flexibility, accuracy and cost efficiency
  • Flexible and modular solutions for End of Line test including integration of run-in / screening solutions for environmental tests
  • Very compact vertical design with cost efficient, saving about 70% on space against horizontal solution


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