• End of Line Testing as well as Validation of Radar Sensors
  • Small footprint
  • For 24 GHz and 76…81 GHz Sensors
  • Integrated Radar Target Simulator for single or multiple targets
  • Manual and automated testing process
  • 2-axis automated DUT motion
  • High accurate angular DUT positioning
  • High accurate distance simulation and thermal stability
  • Fully integration in production process
  • Scalable number of test benches to combine into an automated test cluster


 UTP 5065 RTS
Main Characteristics
ApplicationEnd of Line as well as for Validation process
DUT Handling internalAutomated
DUT Handling externalManual handling or inline automation process
DUT input procedureWith drawer, turntable, robotic...
Frequency range(s)24 GHz/76 ... 81 GHz (others on request)
Occupied bandwidthUp to 5 GHz
Number of measurement axis2/ Azimuth and Elevation
Axis motionBoth axis up to ± 90°
Motion Accuracy< 0.001 position repeatability
Target simulationRadar Target Simulator integrated
- TargetsSingle or multiplet target simulation
- Target dynamicTarget fixed distances or distance variation
- Target velocityoptional
- Occupied bandwidthUp to 5 GHz
- Simulation distanceUp to > 400 m
RF Measurement
Frequency Domain AnalysisEquivalent Isotrop Radiated Power (EIRP), Occupied Bandwidth, Center Frequency
Time Domain AnalysisRate, Pulse Width, Ramp Bandwidth, Rising or Falling FM Ramps,
Detect signal anomalies ...
Further analysis and measurementsCustomized Sensor calibration, antenna pattern, Chirp analysis ...
Mechanics/Power supply
Housing dimensions800 1500 3000 mm (W x D x H) / Vertical Setup
WeightApprox. 400 kg
Power supply Voltage110 / 230 VAC


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