Universal Wireless Tester (UWT) AT A GLANCE

The combination of evolving standards and the integration of multiple wireless technologies with a lot RF Ports into new product designs means that measurement speed and quality become a priority to maintain throughput and yield targets. Noffz and NI have partnered to create the Universal Wireless Tester (UWT) to address these test challenges.

Application field

The proliferation of wireless functionality in electronic devices is pressuring test developers to deliver more complex testers within shrinking project schedules. The UWT is presenting itself as a suitable solution to cover high RF port count requirements while remaining very flexible and cost-effective. It empowers customers to reduce test time through parallel DUT testing, automatic RF port routing and automatic resource sharing while minimizng downtime through automatic re-linking between test adapters and transceivers. This results in a reduced total cost of test through a faster test time, high port count, DUT control, signal conditioning integrated in the RF switch and system scalability to 5G NR, 802.11ax, 6GHz Wi-Fi

Key Facts

  • Flexibility and long-term support
    Test Coverage of legacy, current, and future wireless standards.
  • High RF port count
    Connections to DUTs with 8+ antennas for multiple wireless standards in one system.
  • Cost-effective
    Combine fast test times, high instrument utilization, and competitive ‘cost per RF port’ to provide the best possible total cost of test
  • Open, scalable and software-centric system-based on NI PXI to test 5G NR, LTE, WCDMA, GSM, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax/p, BT, BT-LE through interactive soft front panels
  • 32 bi-directional DUT ports with integrating signal conditioning, instrument SW for test resource management through Noffz UMX switch, and scalability to 64 ports per test system.
  • RF Test suite for DUT Control, test sequencing, hardware abstraction and automatic switching


pdf-download Product Datasheet