Our sUTP 5015 turnkey solution consists of a modular Skydel GNSS software simulation combined with high end hardware components for running real-time individual signal simulations. The integrated Scenario Editor allows free definition of trajectories in up to 6 Degrees of Freedom. It supports differential GNSS and multi-vehicle simulation, GNSS satellite orbit modification, unlimited pseudorange additive ramps and custom fixed positions.

The system can be used as a desktop unit or as 19” rack integration. It is equipped with a 2-port Software Defined Radio (SDR) and can easily extended  and cascaded with extension modules to add further synchronized SDR´s.

  • Including PC, high end graphic card,Software defined radio …
  • 1000 Hz simulation update rate
  • Integrated maps for flexible andintuitive scenario creation
  • Import NMEA, KML (Google), or CSV Files
  • High dynamics
  • Open source remote API for easy automation in multiple programming languages
  • Satellite orbit modification and custom fixed position
  • Navigation message modification and corruption
  • Interference generation and injection in GNSS signals
  • File formats: CSV, KML, NMEA, etc.
  • Powerful automation & intuitive API (Python, C# and C++ open source client)
  • Runs on Linux and Windows


pdf-download Product Datasheet


 sUTP 5015 GNSS
Housing450x222x495 (WxHxD) 5RU
Weight14 Kg
Power supply
Input voltage100-240 VAC
Input current8.0 A (Max.)
Input fuseRV/CB C16 30mA
Input / Output Interfaces
InputsIEC Socket
3 x USB 3.0
1 x 1 Gbit Eth.
2 x RF In (SMA jack, for additional sources)
1 x RF In (SMA jack, GNSS evaluation unit)
1 x USB – JTAG
1 x USRP AUX I/O – 15 Pin
1 x USRP Trigger signal / SMA-f
1 x USRP Reference signal / SMA-f
1 x GPS Antenna / SMA-f
Outputs1 x HDMI
2 x RF DUT (SMA jack, identical signal)
1 x USRP Reference signal / SMA-f
1 x USRP Trigger signal / SMA-f
Provided signals
Basic satellite signalsGPS L1 C/A, L1 C, L2 C, L5, P-Code
Glonass G1, G1/G2, CDMA
Galileo E1, E1/E5/Altboc, E1 OS-NMA, E6 CS
Beidou B1, B1/B2, Phase III
SBAS, L1, L5
Signal manipulationAdvanced Jamming, Interference /Jamming with CW,
Chirp, Pulse, BPSK, BOC, AGWN, Spoofing, Multipath
Further signal optionsMulti Instance option
Anechoic Chamber multi antenna installation
Simulation possibilitiesSingle antenna, single vehicle
Multi antenna, multi vehicle