The importance of processing and evaluation of images and the number of LEDs and displays used to visualize process control increases day by day. Therefore, LEDs and displays need to undergo intensive and comprehensive functional testing, so that they can be used as a reliable means of control in the long run. Displays need to be tested for faulty pixels, their colour temperature and their contrast. LEDs need to be evaluated concerning their wavelength and their intensity. In the field of image processing icon and character recognition are two process steps of increasing importance.

Our long-time experience in image processing allowed us to implement a number of products meeting the high demands towards verifications of completeness, character and symbol recognition, colour testing and measuring of dimensions.

Our versatile, in-house software toolkit, called Display Test, permits fast, flexible and customized modification according to the respective task and the performance limits of the device under test. By using display test in combination with additional image processing algorithms, an ideal platform for image processing and display test could be implemented. A lot of companies already use this toolkit for an overall product test. Well-known manufacturers from the telecommunications and automotive industry have used these NOFFZ software and hardware tools successfully for many years.

Universal Tester Plattform 9050 entwickelt von der Firma Noffz

UTP 9050


LED-, Display-, Visiontest

UTP 9050 series is a universal tester platform for combined LED-, Display-, and Visiontest.

Car Multimedia Tester

Automotive Multimedia System