The demands towards modern products of the automotive, telecommunications, energy, mechanical engineering and electrical industry increase steadily. While the overall size of any product is reduced constantly, more and more functions need to be integrated and implemented within these small chassis.

Therefore, the demands towards tester systems for such integrated products increase as well. Highly complicated products also require complex and versatile tester systems that are able to conduct complex test cycles. At the same time, the testers have to be flexible enough to be modified according to constantly changing products, standards and series.

For this reason, our customers appreciate our scalable and flexible tester solutions as well as our versatile and interdisciplinary services in the field of development, production and maintenance.

We supervise our tester systems throughout heir whole lifecycle including design, approval, calibration, maintenance and local employee trainings. In this way, we are able to guarantee optimum customer care and system maintenance. We are able to modify the tester systems according to any changing demands with great flexibility and in a very short time. Over the past years we have developed customized, scalable and modular test and measuring systems for functional, in-line or hardware-in-the-loop tests that provide ideal signal conditioning and mechanical adaption to the devices under test.

We would be pleased to use our long-time experience in the development of tester systems for meeting the new challenges of increased demands towards modern tester system for highly integrated products.

Core Configuration

OFF-THE-SHELF – Application specific

We setup your test solution with our standard components from the NOFFZ UTP Product Platforms and Signal Conditioning/Signal Load Units. – Combined with NI SLSC, as well as the whole NI catalog with the latest ATE Core Configuration

Noffz TEchnologies - utp 9010-mit-adapter-geschlossen

UTP 9010


RF-, EOL-, Board-Level-Test

The UTP 9010 is a comprehensive test solution for various application areas.

Universal Tester Plattform 9060 von Noffz TEchnologies

UTP 9060

Haptic Test

Vision-, Thermography & Force measurement

The UTP 9060 series is a modular haptics test stand for combined vision tests, thermography and force measurement.

Universal Tester Plattform 9065 von Noffz Technologies

UTP 9065 FCT

Multi-DUT Tester

FKT, -RunIn Test

The UTP 9065 FCT is a universal tester platform designed for functional- and RunIn tests.

UTP 9085-215 von Noffz Technologies

UTP 9085

LTE NAD System

RF Test

Flash, Calibration, Verification & Packaging System for Network Access Devices (NAD).