According to our customers’ needs, our experienced technicians and engineers are developing complex special hardware solutions by means of microprocessors, DSPs or analogue and digital technology. The modularity of our products and developments including numerous libraries and predefined circuit elements, allows fast and optimized development of circuits and layouts, exactly meeting the particular demands.

After finishing the circuit’s design and layout and after its approval by the customer, prototyping is performed at NOFFZ, immediately. We guarantee direct adjacency of all departments involved and immediate coordination of development and production so that these factors are the primary reasons for our success. For several years, we have been producing individual control units, electronic modules and circuit boards for signal conditioning as small batch series with great success.

We supervise our electronic products and components throughout their whole lifecycle, from the first layout of the product until the start of its production.

Our experiences comprise a broad product spectrum, including the following tasks:

  • Creation of amplifier prints for microphones
  • Development of control electronics for mining applications
  • Development of a central control unit for laser control devices
  • Development and production of electronic modules for wellness devices
  • Development and production of prints for distribution racks and connection technology
  • Special development of microprocessor and FPGA circuit boards