We conduct customized product design and development according to the previously determined specifications and requirements for the particular project. We develop single electronic components, end-products, control and automation systems for industrial facilities as well as tester systems. We care for the development of our products from the time of the first design and layout until the start of the production.

According to the product profile we implement software solutions by means of several established programming environments, such as LabVIEW, TestStand, CVI, C, C++, VB, VBA and .NET, and conduct the development of complex and demanding analogue or digital circuits.

Complex and specialized hardware solutions are implemented by our experienced technicians and engineers by means of suitable contemporary technologies such as microprocessors, DSPs, analogue and digital technology and are realized according to the individual requirements.

Because of our modular conception, including numerous libraries und predefined circuit elements we can guarantee fast and ideal circuit and layout development. Immediately after completion and approval of design and layout, prototyping is conducted in our facilities. Direct adjacency of all departments involved and immediate coordination of development und production are the primary reasons for our success. For several years, we have been developing individual control units, electronic modules and circuit boards for signal conditioning with great success. We would be pleased to use our broad knwoledge in hardware and software development for the implementation of innovating product ideas and for meeting further challenges.

Design and production of electronics

Ein SCANEX Single Board RIo entwickelt von der Firma Noffz Technologies


ILV Scanner entwickelt von der Firma Noffz Technologies

ILV – Scanner

Entwicklung und Austausch von Hardware unter Berücksichtigung besonderer Einsatzumgebung

Hardware replacement

Universal Tester Plattform 9065 von Noffz Technologies

UTP 9065 FKT

Multi-DUT Tester

FKT, -RunIn Test

Die UTP 9065 Serie ist eine universelle Testerplattform für FKT-Run-In-Tests mit einem integrierten sUTP 4510 als Messkern.