Our main purpose is to offer our customers the best possible consulting on individually and exactly tailored development and production of

  • Automated test systems (ATE)
  • Products and system testers (FKT, ICT, HIL)
  • Hardware and software components
  • Image processing systems
  • Flexible and small batch series of electronic devices, modules and interfaces

Consulting already starts at the beginning of the product life cycle: We already support our customers at the design stage of the product for which the tester system needs to be developed. We give advice on the subject of ‚Design for Testability’ and support our customers when circuit boards are designed and test points or adaptations are defined. At the early stage, we determine which optical indications (LEDs, displays), what functions or keypads of the device under test need to be integrated in the product test. We also advice our customers on the right choice of test steps such as current, voltage or capacity measurement. We try to find out whether an Incircuit-, functional or hardware-in-the-loop-test is needed for the particular product and try to determine if AOI testing (Automated Optical Inspection) is required.

We also help to find out if it is preferable to test an assembly group separately or to test the fully assembled end-product as a whole.In cooperation with our customers we are looking for the ideal tester solution that is suitable for the particular product as far as hardware, software and investments are concerned. We are able to offer low-priced and compact testers for simple, low-cost assembly groups and products and can also develop customized, complex and versatile tester systems for multilayer products. Besides the planning of the testing routine we analyse possibilities to handle devices that have failed a particular test. For this case we can implement additional systems such as slides for defective parts, labelling systems, barcode scanners and buffer stations.

Our consulting duties do not end when a successful product design and a suitable tester concept have been implemented. On the contrary, we are offering support and advice throughout the whole lifecycle of the product and its tester system, answering problems such as service, maintenance, traceability, database analysis including statistical reporting, realization of task management or a product change. We also want to support and advice during the corporate development of pure hardware or software projects including the possibility of subsequent serial production at our facilities. We help developing the first design and the prototype, support and service the production and develop customized solutions exactly meeting your profile of requirements.

A motivated, interdisciplinary team consisting of experienced engineers and technicians cooperates for developing new solutions showing great creativity and expertise. The team already has proven its abilities and knowledge and has implemented numerous projects for the telecommunications, automotive, energy and electronic industry. Our employees daily work hard to improve their knowledge in new technical subjects and face new challenges and topics.

We are looking forward to your interesting and challenging requirements and want to prepare, plan, develop and implement another successful and interesting project for you and in close cooperation with you.