The reduction of test times and costs is a challenge that all innovative test system companies are facing, especially in the areas of IoT and connected devices. To face those challenges NOFFZ has developed the UTP 9011 test station for multi-DUT and multi-standard testing. Based on the NI Wireless Test System the UTP 9011 is capable of handling up to four DUT independently. It allows the parallel test of GNSS, WLAN, Bluetooth and cellular (2G, 3G, 4G). Due to the flexible adapter concept, multiple variants of the devices can be tested at the same time. The shielded adapters provide RF attenuation from 40 to 60dB.

An additional PXI chassis inside the UTP 9011 provides the usage of multiple further measurement devices, e.g. DMM, DAQ, DIO and many more. The object oriented software architecture based on NI TestStand and NI LabVIEW allows any easy adaption to the needed tests, either as FCT on PCB level or EOL test with fully assembled devices.


  • Test of up to four devices under test independently
  • RF Non Signaling test for GNSS, WLAN, Bluetooth and Cellular
  • PXI platform for multiple measurement devices
  • Exchangeable adapters and fixtures for multiple variants
  • RF shielded adapters from 40 to 60 dB
  • Signal condition unit (SCU)
  • Combined tests, incl. flashing and functional test with voltage, current measurements


  • Reduction of test time due to parallel test
  • Cost reduction due to shared instrumentation
  • Independent adapters cause flexibility in number of DUTs
  • Future proofed with exchangeable test cassettes and modular, scalable system configurations

NI System Content

  • NI Wireless Test System, NI –WTS 05 with 16 RF ports
  • NI PXI (e.g. PXIe-4080, PXIe-6356, PXI-6514,…)
  • NI LabVIEW
  • NI TestStand