UTP 9010 HIL (Hardware-in-the-Loop)

Hardware-in-the-loop is a testing method for embedded systems such as electronic control devices with all their inputs and outputs being connected to a simulator, emulating the real working environment of the device including all its functions and reactions.

This testing technology is especially suitable for testing and evaluating embedded systems, for supporting product development and for early bringing into service. All inputs of the device under test are stimulated by simulated sensor data from the actual working environment. All outputs of the device are returned into the HIL tester, read out and evaluated.

Simulations is carried out real-time and is used for the reduction of development times and costs. Simulation of repeating operational sequences offers the advantage to test all device releases under the same conditions and to find out exactly, if a failure has been eliminated. Therefore it is possible to determine system boundaries without endangering the real working environment.

The UTP 9010 HIL has been developed for Hardware-in-the-Loop tests of embedded systems and includes all advantages and characteristics of the basic UTP 9010. The HIL version is a standard UTP 9010 without extensions or adapter systems and includes a product specific adaption for HIL testing, instead.

The tester system is able to simulate, analogue or digital signals belonging to the real working environment of the device under test. It can provide voltages and currents and communicate with the device via I2C, SPI or CAN bus systems.

For switching high voltages or currents as well as for the best possible hardware adaption, the HIL tester is equipped with NOFFZ UMS cards (Universal Multifunction Switch) and comprises the NOFFZ signal distribution rack including SDR cards. This way, ideal signal conditioning und distribution can be guaranteed. At the same time, the tester is able to cope with devices comprising a large number of channels.


  • Simulation of the working environment of an embedded system instead of risky testing with the real working environment
  • Continuous testing of new assembly groups and software versions for proving their stability
  • Simulation of digital or analogue signals, currents and voltages
  • Communication via bus systems such as I2C, CAN, SPI
  • Flexible hardware adaption
  • High number of channels
  • Product specific signal conditioning and hardware adaption


The HIL type of the UTP 9010 series is a versatile Hardware-in-the-Loop tester system, which has been developed based on the approved UTP 9010 functional tester. By means of ideal signal conditioning and hardware adaption it is able to test devices with a high number of channels, to handle and simulate analogue and digital signals and to test and execute communication via various bus systems like I2C, SPI or CAN.

The tester uses modern technologies such as NOFFZ UMS cards and NOFFZ SDR in order to achieve and assure highest performance and reliability of testing results in the long run.