The demands towards the functionality and complexity of modern products from the automotive, telecommunications and electronic industry increase rapidly. Therefore, innovative and combined tester systems offering a broad measurement range and various types of signals are required. In order to meet these growing demands towards tester system NOFFZ has developed the Universal Tester Platform – UTP. The UTP 9010 series is the first scalable member of this innovative product family.

The UTP platform offers a modular tester concept including an exchangeable adapter framework, individually selectable measurement hardware and a flexible software framework, which can be used for in-circuit und functional testing.

By means of the NOFFZ UTP software, it is possible to implement simple customized solutions based on TestStand, LabVIEW, CVI or other programming languages. Predefined UTP software modules according to our modular test concept and a superior tester administration allow for extensive tester configuration exactly tailored according to the requirements of the devices under test.

Measurement hardware is based on a modular and flexible concept so that it is possible to modify the hardware setup according to the customer’s needs without a great loss of time. The devices connector for ICT and functional testing is able to cope with voltages ranging from µV to 1 kV.

The UTP9010 product family is suitable for the following testing applications:

  • In-circuit and functional testing
  • Low voltage and high-voltage measurement
  • Measurement of standby current and operating current
  • Analysis of high- and low-frequencies

The UTP9010 is available in several models and flexible variants with broad functionality. Here you can get further information on these types and variants:


  • UTP rack with standard equipment: UTP signal distribution module with modular layout and UTP IPC Kontron (Raid 1)
  • UTP NI PXI measurement rack including DMM, Switch, MUX, FG, ICT Module, PWR
  • UTP main switching unit, including emergency shutdown, power supply (with filter and pneumatic connector), network interface, mounting plate with 240V distribution
  • UTP connection interface, including standard connection elements
  • Measurement capability depends on the choice of measuring devices:
    • Number of channels: 1000 channels or more
    • Voltage measurement: from µV to 1 kV
    • Current measurement: from µA to 1kA
    • Resistance measurement: from µ Ω to 5GΩ
    • Capacity measurement: from pF to µF
    • Inductivity measurement: von 10 µH to 5 H

It is possible to integrate DMMs, scopes, spectrum analyzers, signal generators, AC/DC power supplies, switching units or power meters into the UTP 9010 series.


Because of its comprehensive software and hardware functionality and configurability, the UTP 9010 series is able to meet all demands towards a combined tester system for ICT and functional testing. The UTP 9010 system is a modular, universal tester system for testing electronic assembly groups. It represents a future-proof investment in testing equipment, being able to expand according the growing demands and offering the flexibility to be adjusted and extended at any time.

Other versions

Anzeigebild Universal Tester Plattform 9010-rf - Noffz TEchnologies


End-of-Line Tester

RF- and Functional Test + Flashing

The UTP 9010 RF EOL is a combined test solution for RF- and functional tests + flashing.

Noffz TEchnologies - utp 9010-mit-adapter-geschlossen

UTP 9010


In-Circuit-, Boundary Scan-, Functionaltest

Multi-DUT Testing, exchangeable adapter, flexible adaptability to new product variants.

Universal Tester Plattform 9010 Flextronics von Noffz Technologies

UTP 9010

High-End Amplifier Tester

FCT-, EOL-Test

24-channel high-end audio-amplifier for automotive applications.

Universal TEster Plattform - anzeigebild-utp-9010-e-w

UTP 9010-EW

Expandable w/ exchangeable adapter

In-Circuit-, Functional, Test

Scalable tester system based on UTP 9010 and comprises an exchangeable adapter system

Anzeigebild-utp-9010-w-ict -fkt Noffz TEchnologies - Universal Tester Plattoform

UTP 9010-W

Combo Test Solution with exchangeable adapter

In-Circuit- and Functional Test

The UTP 9010-W is an extended version of the UTP 9010 offering an additional exchangeable device adapter system.

Anzeigebild-Universal-Tester-Plattform-9010- Noffz Technologies

UTP 9010 HIL

Hardware in the Loop Tester

Embedded, HIL

The HIL type of the UTP 9010 series is a versatile Hardware-in-the-Loop tester system, which has been developed based on the approved UTP 9010 functional tester.