Multiple applications such as audio, video, interfaces and HF-components merge with each other forming highly integrated systems like door communications systems, communication systems in healthcare or home entertainment systems.

Feinmetall and NOFFZ have jointly developed a new test adapter to meet the demands towards tester systems for highly integrated products. This new ‚Smart Multimedia Test Adapter’ combines Feinmetall’s established adapter technology and NOFFZ’s advanced knowledge in tester systems.
Because of its modular concept, the exchangeable removable frame and the individually selectable hardware the adapter can be used for multiple different kinds of test specifications.

The effective area of the adapter measures 10.83” x 9.45”. The area can be sealed with a lid containing a camera, a microphone and optional antennas. Next to the adapter there is a larger area of 11.81“ x 15.75” providing individual additional space for displays, switches, remote stations and additional devices that can be combined with the adapter, directly.

It is possible either to use NOFFZ’s sequencer for a simple, LabVIEW-based implementation or to use a flexible and extensive integration via TestStand.

It is possible to implement existing tests from older systems as well as to develop and integrate new tests using various programming languages. The concept that is realized for the measuring hardware highly depends on the device under test and on the customer’s demands.

The SMTA can neither be equipped with a simple USB based data acquisition systems or with a complex multichannel measuring system so that it can be flexibly adjusted to the specific demands.

Because of software components such as NOFFZ display test or existing functions for audio measurement and individually programmable test steps the system is a versatile and modular Multimedia Test Adapter for multiple applications such as home automation, automobiles, telecommunications and entertainment.


  • Testing highly integrated circuits and systems
  • Modular test adapter with exchangeable removable frame
  • Can be integrated into existing tester systems
  • Easy extension with new test steps via different programming languages
  • Numerous possibilities of communication such as USB or multichannel solutions


The SMTA is especially suitable for testing high integrated circuits and systems. With its modular interface concept and its exchangeable removable frame the adapter is easily adjustable to product-specific and custom demands.

Its basic version comprises an integrated camera, a speaker, a microphone as well as optional antennas. This equipment can be altered and extended by displays, switches, remote panels and other devices if required due to changing and growing demands.