The basic concept of the UTP RF tester platform has been developed for manufacturers of automotive and infotainment RF components. It helps reducing test times by means of non-signaling EOL tests and conducting efficient and reliable Run-In screening tests to meet the growing demand for high quality RF components. Non-signaling tests reduce the amount of time required for phone module testing to 20-30 % of the time required for signaling tests.

The RF tester concept is based on NOFFZ’s highly successful, versatile UTP tester family which has been combined with NOFFZ’s extensive RF experience. It allows for parallel and sequential non-signaling tests of multiple DUTs and offers interchangeable adapters for product variants. The system can conduct functional tests such as voltage measurements and bus communication.

Run-In/screening tests of multiple DUTs operated inside a climatic chamber can be executed for security-relevant components which have to stay operable under harsh environmental conditions. It is also possible to conduct RF Non-Signaling tests within the climatic chamber. The system is suitable for testing chip sets, modules and products offering high level non signaling modes.

The modular test system allows for customized reporting of test results which can be written to local report files or forwarded to a database, MES/FIS systems or even up to ERP level.

Because of its exchangeable adapter cassette, the scalable hardware architecture can handle multitudinous variants of a product and deal with a high throughput of thoroughly tested units.

The platform comprises RF signal generation and recording units, capable of providing any unidirectional RF signal such as radio, TV or GNSS. Therefore any transmitter/receiver device can be tested with suitable RF signals whose impairments, levels and modulation can be configured.


Non-signaling test methods allow for the reduction of test times and equipment costs during the manufacturing and validating process of chip sets for GSM, HSDPA, LTE, GPS or eCall applications. Non signaling tests do not focus on time-consuming signal generation but on direct control of a DUT via low-level debugging interfaces, allowing for more efficient testing.

Thoughtfully implemented non-signaling test modes eliminate costly signaling tests and increase throughput while the level of product quality and test reliability known from signaling tests can be maintained. Non signaling-tests cannot only be conducted for individual chip sets but also for modules and products containing chip sets with non-signaling structure.

The UTP hardware system integrated into a 19″ UTP chassis consists of a NOFFZ IPC 3012 and a National Instruments PXI chassis which contains an NI VST and RF Multiplexers for non-signaling tests and can comprise any measurement or I/O card for further functional testing.

For optimum signal quality, the platform contains NOFFZ’s sUTP5012 signal conditioning unit, a scalable RF device which has been developed for systematic RF testing and can be modified or extended to meet any DUT-specific demands.

UTP RF testers also comprise RF signal generation units such as NOFFZ’s URT (Universal Receiver Tester) which allow for generation and playback of various RF signals.

Sequential or parallel multiple DUT tests and variant management are controlled by the NOFFZ TestStand Test Execution Frontend (TEF) which has been improved over years of experience in time and cost-efficient testing. The TEF is fully scalable and offers a great variety of multi DUT solutions. It can also handle customer specific code modules developed in any programming language.


UTP 9010 RF – EOL Tester

The UTP 9010 RF has been designed as an EOL tester for mutiple DUTs which is capable of conventional functional testing as well as non-signaling tests in order to increase the overall throughput. It can conduct parallel testing of individual chip sets, modules or products not only containing RF chipsets for non-signaling tests but also components which have to be tested in a conventional way. Due to its highly modular architecture the system can be extened for a larger number of DUTs, for further variants, new test steps and protocols at any time.


UTP 9065 RF – Run-In/Screening tester

The UTP 9065 is a Run-In/Screening tester focusing on multi-DUT tests for time and cost reduction. It offers variant management and interchangeable adapter cassettes for different product variants and types. Due to the sophisticated TEF it is not only possible to test different product variants one after the other but also to test different variants at the same time.

The Run-In/Screening tester operates at a common maximum temperature range from -40 °C to +85°C (extended range on demand). It can conduct configurable test sequences whose duration and temperature level can be separately defined and easily adapted. Its architecture is highly modular and scalable. New test steps, signals and measurement hardware can be added whenever they become necessary.

UTP 9010/9065 testers can – among others – conduct the following test steps:

  • antenna detection/diagnosis, MIMO antenna system tests
  • GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, LTE, GSM, HSDPA, cdma2000, WCDMA, WiMAX TM, Bluetooth, SIM … tests
  • audio measurement and analysis, bandwidth/spectrum test
  • loopback and single ended BER testing
  • RSSI (Receive Signal Strength Indicator)
  • transmission power
  • transmitter and receiver tests (incl. RF signal generation and climatic chamber)
  • Run-In/screening tests (-40°C…+85°C)
  • CAN/LAN/LIN communication and tests
  • functional tests

UTP Solutions for functional & RF testing

Anzeigebild Universal Tester Plattform 9010-rf - Noffz TEchnologies

UTP 9010

FCT & non-signaling

RF- und Funktionstest + Flashen

Der UTP 9010 RF EOL Tester bietet eine Kombination von Flashen , Funktions- und RF-Tests.

Universal Tester Plattform 9065-213 von Noffz Technologies

UTP 9065 eCall

Multi-DUT Tester

RF-, RunIn-Screening Test

The UTP 9065 eCall allows to test up to 28 eCall modules in parallel.

Universal TEster Plattform 6010 front - Noffz Technologies

UTP 6010

RunIn/Screening FCT

RF- und Funktionstest + Flashen

Der UTP 9010 RF EOL Tester bietet eine Kombination von Flashen , Funktions- und RF-Tests.


The tester platform is a versatile, scalable multi-DUT RF tester platform for time- and cost-efficient NON-signaling tests, FCT, and RunIn/Screening. It is suitable for testing whole RF product ranges of eCall, NAD, CarToCar and Telematics modules. It offers customized reporting, variant management by means of exchangeable adapter cassettes and sophisticated RF signal generation and conditioning.

Manufacturers looking for a sustainable test system which cannot only cope with today’s RF standards but is also well-prepared for future requirements will find the UTP RF tester platform rather suitable because it can easily be extended for new protocols, variants or test steps.