Multiple infotainment and GNSS tests have to be conducted simultenously in order to meet the steadily growing demands towards automotive infotainment devices. But suitable RF signals for receiver testing are not always easily available:

Test fields are usually located inside ferroconcrete buildings where the reception of low-level RF-signals like GPS is highly disturbed by the building itself. National TV and radio standards are not always avialable for reception via antenna. In addition to that, GNSS receivers can only be tested properly when they get a dynamic GNSS signal implicating that the receiver is moving. Such a dynamic signal cannot be provided by a stationary antenna so that dynamic GPS signals for testing have to be generated artificially.


Therefore RF signal generators combined with scalable distribution and signal conditioning units are needed for the improvement of testing times and costs.

In order to meet the demands of multi-band RF testing including various radio and TV standards as well as dynamic GNSS signals, NOFFZ has developed the UTP RF infrastructure series, which comprises scalable signal distribution units, RF recording and playback units.

The series has been designed for mobile as well as stationary use. Therefore it comprises mobile distribution units (sUTP 5012) and stationary signal generation and distribution centers (UTP 5050)