Designed to create a custom cellular environment to serve testing and characterization needs. The combination of high power, real-time computing and the software defined radio platform enables this instrument to create your own cells for testing in a compact size and cost-efficient way.


Validating cellular devices like automotive telematic control units (TCUs), new generation vehicle-to-vehicle communication modules, smartphones or IoT cellular interfaces requires recreating complex RF test scenarios on your workbench. The NOFFZ Base Station Emulator makes this possible by creating a custom cellular network covering technologies from 2G to 5G. Equipped for dual-cell SISO, 2×2 MIMO or single-cell 4×4 MIMO operation to conduct tests for multiple phone modules in parallel: Voice call, text messaging, eCall, VoIP, maximum data throughput or mobile hotspot sharing.


  • Manages multiple TCUs and dual SIM module validation testing in parallel
  • Tests voice call, texting, eCall, high-speed data traffic, VoIP, Wi-Fi hotspot, connected gateway, and other wireless capabilities with real-world network coverage from 2G to 5G
  • Scales up to 4 independent cells, intra radio access technology handover, and different MIMO scenarios


  • Cost-efficiency: Switch from a traditional box instrument to an SDR platform                
  • High channel count: Move from single-DUT validation to a multi-DUT system
  • Full system integration: Up to a complete infotainment validation system including global navigation satellite system, broadcast, wireless, and Bluetooth


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 sUTP 5018 BSE
Housing450 x 318 x 495 mm (W x H x D) / 7U
Weight20 Kg
Cellular Networks
5G NR NR Rel-15 compliant
NSA - Non-Standalone support
SA - Standalone support
5 - 100MHz support FR1 (sub-6GHz)
SISO, 2x2 MIMO (NSA and SA)
4x4 MIMO (only SA)
Carrier aggregation 3xCC
LTELTE Rel-14 compliant
SISO dual band
2x2 MIMO dual band
4x4 MIMO single band
Carrier aggregation 5xCC
VoIP support
Handover support
GSMGSM850, GSM900, DCS1800 and PCS1900
2x simultaneous ARFCNs
Handover support
Emergency Call support
UMTSBand 1, 4, 5, 8, 19
Rel-1999 support
RF modes2x2 MIMO or 4x4 MIMO mode
RF Port 1 (N-type)NR/LTE MIMO Stream 1, GSM, UMTS
RF Port 2 (N-type)NR/LTE MIMO Stream 2
RF Port 3 (N-type)NR/LTE MIMO Stream 3
RF Port 4 (N-type)NR/LTE MIMO Stream 4
General3x USB 3.0
2x USB-JTAG debug only
2x 1 Gbit Ethernet