An increasing number of multimedia-based devices is integrated into passenger cars. RF modules do not only supply infotainment services but also provide navigation and security services such as eCall. In addition to that many different broadcast standards have been established all over the world. All of them have to be tested properly in one test field.

In order to reduce test times and costs while increasing throughput and diversity, free field recording and playback of naturally and environmentally impaired signals as well as signal generation become more and more important. Generation and playback of real word RF signals in the lab reduces the need for expensive field test drives and enables manufactureres to do fast and simultaneous lab testing of multiple RF devices, even if a certain signal is not broadcast in the area.

Automotive Radar Test System | NOFFZ Technologies ADAS Solution

sUTP 5015 GNSS Simulator

Application: Production Test Systems, Production Validation, Signal Simulation

For running real-time individual signal simulations

sUTP 5017 GNSS Simulator

Application: Production Test Systems, Product Validation, Signal Simulation

For running real-time individual signal simulations

sUTP 5017 BaseStation

Application: Product Validation, Signal Emulation, Production Test Systems

Cellular Network Emulator

HF Infrastruktur von Noffz Technologies

UTP 5050 RF-Infrastructure

Application: Automotive, Infotainment, GNSS, GPS


UTP 5065 RTS

Application: Testing of Radar Sensors for Automotive, Motion Detectors, Level Measurement as well as Radar Components e.g. Antennas, Circuit Boards, Semiconductros, Radomes…


Application: Innovative evaluation platform for microwave RADAR Sensors

A high performance analog processing chain and the FPGA based raw data processing allow radar experiments on a state-of-the art level in a very short time.

Universal Tester Plattform FKT/HF von Noffz Technologies

UTP FCT/RF Solution

Application: Automotive, Infotainment, Connected Gateway, eCall

End-of-Line-,  RunIn-Screening-, Functionaltest

In order to meet these growing demands for RF solutions, NOFFZ has developed a series of special RF testing equipment which does not only allow for accurate signal recording in the field but also offers various playback, signal generation and distribution options as well as FCT and non-signaling testing facilities.

Recording and playback devices are able to generate signals within a range of 250kHz up to 2.7 GHz, such as various radio standards, GNSS, and various digital TV standards. Signal generation is not only based on free field recordings but can also be conducted by a wide range of RF generation toolkits which can provide amongst others AM/FM radio, TMC, RDS, DAB/DAB+, IBOC HD, DMB and Sirius/XM radio.

The RF product range also comprises customized amplifying and distribution units which can handle additional antenna signals and include appropriate signal conditioning. These units are primarily used for forwarding generated/received signals to a large number of test stations.

NOFFZ’s RF solutions are suitable for a variety of RF testing and validating applications where impaired real word RF signals of different frequency ranges and types are required at the same time. Signal recording, playback, generation and distribution units can be used for parallel integration testing of automotive electronics with numerous test stations working simultaneously. Equal signal strength and quality can be guaranteed for all test stations.

Because signal generation and distribution devices can also be integrated into FCT and non-signaling test systems, manufacturers of radio, GNSS, TV or eCall modules can test transmitters or receivers, evaluate signal quality (BER, SNR, spectrum, etc.), do non-signaling tests and perform sequential and parallel functional multi DUT tests of chip sets and modules.

Testing of GNSS navigation devices can be conducted under real world conditions by using the UTP GNSS generator system. This system allows for testing of navigation devices based on recorded GNSS tours in combination with CAN signals.

The RF product range comprises tools and devices for various applications ranging from stand-alone signal generators/recorders to fully integrated FCT and non-signaling test systems.