The PXI 3U storage module features 8 Serial ATA disk drives in a removable chassis compatible with the Stream Stor Amazon Express recording systems. Modules are available using the latest disk drive technology with total capacities of up to 16 Terabytes of data storage.

The use of SATA disk drives allows existing systems to continue taking advantage of the latest advances in disk drive technology with the more modern SATA interface.

The SATA drive modules feature a re-designed chassis that simplifies assembly, drive installation and replacement. All signal and power connections mate automatically on the drive module backplane as the drive is inserted into the module with no cables or manual connections required.

Faulty disk drives can be individually replaced without disassembly of the module. The module design also includes features to prevent damage to the main connector if the module is handled improperly.

All SATA drive modules are completely tested and verified prior to shipment. Disk drives are screened to insure they meet performance requirements for sustained recording or playback operation. All disk drive manufacturer warranties are honoured through Conduant technical support.

SATA interface technology provides CRC checking for data, command, and status packets improving the integrity of connectivity over Parallel TA. The improved signal integrity has enhanced the attractiveness of Serial ATA for use in high speed recording applications.


  • Hot-swappable 8-drive SATA module
  • Up to 16 Terabytes of data storage capacity
  • Superior Power management
  • Latest drive technology provides a faster and more secure interface bus
  • All Modules Are Fully tested and ready to use
  • Disk Drives are screened to insure they meet performance requirements for sustained recording or playback operation
  • Faulty Disk Drives Can Be Individually Replaced Without Disassembly of The Module In the Event of a Disk Drive Failure


The PXI 3U storage module is a powerful and versatile storage unit with a data storage capacity that can be extended to a maximum of 16 Terabytes. Because of its modern SATA drive it is possible to record and playback data from the system at very high data rates and to provide continuous and secure data transmission.

Faulty disk drives can be replaced individually without disassembly of the module so that this storage unit is especially suitable for the recording of critical data.