The number of highly integrated products that require extensive functional testing and provide information at high data rates increases rapidly. Therefore, recording devices that are able to store test and measurement data, transmitted at high bandwidths, on data volumes with short access times and high capacity become more and more important.

Measurement data should be recorded in real-time and without any losses, so that they can be played back at any time. For a maximum degree of flexibility, recording devices have to be mobile and all-purpose.

Besides wired data recording via bus systems or serial protocols, the importance of recording and play back systems for wirelessly transmitted data increases every day. It is not only required to transmit measurement data wirelessly but also to generate a wireless testing signal that can be recorded and played back at any time. These signals offer the possibility to test receivers for navigation and broadcast radio signals in a laboratory instead of doing costly field trips.

To meet the growing demands towards wired and wireless recording and playback devices for test and measurement data and RF test signals NOFFZ offers a series of streaming solutions dealing with this subject and possible solutions to its problems.

high-band streaming, record and playback solutions von Noffz Technologies

PXI 3U Storage Unit

SATA-Module has 8 Serial ATA disk drives in a removable chassis.

The PXI 3U storage module is a powerful and versatile storage unit with a data storage capacity that can be extended to a maximum of 16 Terabytes