UTP – Universal Tester Platform

With the UTP, NOFFZ has developed a standard that flexibly adapts to the most diverse requirements due to our software-based approach. The core of this is the UTP software framework, in which various test scenarios can be implemented on one platform based on the world-wide available development environments such as NI TestStand, NI LabView and .NET. Also on the Hardware side we have managed to develop an adaptable standard. A combination of modern IPCs and the use of other industrial standards allows a parallelization of tests resulting in a reduction in test times.

The UTP concept has been successfully integrated in product validation and production in various industries by NOFFZ. The UTP combines the advantage of years of standardization with the necessary scope to provide an individual solution for every customer’s challenge.

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UTP 9085-215 von Noffz Technologies

SCU – Signal Conditioning Unit

The NOFFZ SCU (Signal Conditioning Unit) is used from validation to production at burn-in, screening or end of line (EOL) tests.

We currently offer two product variants: SCU 2012 (2HU) and SCU 2014 (4HU). Both variants offer excellent advantages, such as the ability of multi-DUT testing or rapid interchangeability to reduce set-up and down times

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In the course of our steady standardization, there has been a need for uniform products for signal distribution for measuring technology and simulating working environments. Despite a high degree of specialization, our measuring instruments can be mechanically and electrically adapted to their application environment. This product portfolio includes, among others, flexible signal distribution racks, serial controllable, “cascadable” circuit cards, USB adapter cards for connection to SPI or I2C bus systems and many more.

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RF Test and Simulator

Our expertise in RF technologies is also reflected in our RF generators. For the RF generators, NOFFZ has developed a special series of RF test devices which not only allow accurate recording of RF signals in the field, but also offers numerous possibilities for the reproduction, generation and distribution of these signals, as well as comprehensive possibilities for FKT and non-signaling testing.

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In order to meet the requirements for wireless and wired recording and playback of test and measurement results and HF test signals, NOFFZ has developed various streaming solutions dedicated to this area.

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UTP Suite

Our UTP software framework is based on worldwide available development environments, such as NI TestStand, NI LabVIEW, or .NET. We attach great importance to a sustainable software standardization as well as a steady further development of our platform. With our certified engineers, we offer unmatched know-how and create solutions for a wide range of applications. Our software can be used intelligently as part of an entire tester concept or as a single product.

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